• Published Work

    My images and videos have been featured on: The Weather Channel, Good Morning America, The Today Show, FOX Weather, Yahoo News, and many more!

    Space Launch Photograher for www.EarthSky.org

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    Check Out This Jaw-dropping Image of Jupiter and the Moon

    Epic Storm

    Does this stunning image of the moon give you chills? That’s how Greg Diesel Walck - Lunar/Landscape Photographer felt when taking this shot from Moyock, North Carolina as a thunderstorm drifted across the horizon in August 2016. Learn how he got the shot at Space.com

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    Books by Greg Diesel Walck

    Fascinated with the setting and rising sun and moon, the ocean, and nature and trying every chance to capture something new and amazing.

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    Book cover for Martha VanCamp released January 2021